"I made a promise to myself to be proactive in self-care and this would necessarily involve trying new things. New things put me outside my comfort zone, but the old ways weren't working anyway."

Katherine, Oct 2016


"As I walked to dinner on that first night on the beach, full of social anxiety of the wild things that would probably come out of my mouth due to nerves and the subsequent opinions that would be formed about me… I was met instead with beauty. In a world where I feel a little on the outside of many cultures (including spiritual cultures) I instantly felt safe, that I could come and bring all of me, and be welcomed, and accepted with all of my quirks."

-Winnie, Feb 2017

"A part of my heart that had died during previous hard, confusing and restricting years was resurrected through the time, space, prompts and unity (both with God and with others) of the retreat. The power of Soul Sanctuary was wholly holy."  

Amanda, Oct 2017



"I heard about the soul care retreat just as I was starting my sabbatical, yet I had a voice in my head saying, 'Who are you kidding? You can't even do yoga and you will be the oldest one there!" Pure, raw, holy and vulnerable - holding one another in a space of thoughtfulness and prayer. Each of us giving and receiving life and love in tangible and powerful ways. For me, the undoing and the building converged. I left richer, with more clarity and totally refreshed. The retreat was the start of something bigger than me!"

-Heather, Feb 2017


"I arrived weary from the many demanding situations of my work over the past few months, but I arrived to sanctuary in so many forms. I returned to work less than a week later truly feeling free and light and with a deeply thankful heart for the holy gift of Soul Sanctuary." 

Emily, Oct 2017