An Enneagram 7 (but almost a 4!), Allison has coined herself a “Dark 7” since she is equally comfortable singing karaoke in front of a crowd and having a solo, melancholy, existential crisis.

During a season of deep depression, Allison was introduced to contemplative Christianity, and those practices and rhythms brought about a new vitality to her spiritual life. Currently she loves to curate "sanctuary spaces” - a sacred space in time where you can exhale and let ,” inform her your guard down. Where you can speak but can also stay silent. Where you can cry or observe. The guiding words of Parker Palmer, “No fixing, no saving, no correcting, no advising inform her facilitation of these spaces.

Originally from the Midwest, Allison and her husband have lived in the United States, India and Thailand. They currently reside in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona, where she teaches Business Communication at Northern Arizona University.




A wandering word-weaver, wild grace-believer, relentless justice-seeker, shameless freedom-breather and underground soul care-dealer, Corinne had the honor of co-creating Soul Sanctuary while living overseas in Thailand. Turns out, the freedom she thought she was there to bring other people (shocking plot twist) was actually meant for her own soul and has been guiding the deconstruction of what was once her neat and tidy, rule-following faith ever since.

No stranger to anxiety and depression during seasons of grief and loss, contemplative practices connecting her to creation have become a lifeline for Corinne. Her adventurous 7-ness paired with an 8-wing bent toward justice keeps her taking risks, asking really inconvenient questions and being at peace with (gasp!) not having all the answers.

These days you can find Corinne rooting down deep among the saguaro queens in the desert of Arizona where she is rediscovering a sense of home while digging up the beauty and the bones of her own soul and stringing words together along the way.